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The Bristol Central constituency

Bristol Central is a new UK parliamentary constituency introduced by The Parliamentary Constituencies Order 2023. The constituency is composed of seven wards from the City of Bristol: Ashley, Central, Clifton, Clifton Down, Cotham, Hotwells & Harbourside, and Redland:

A map of the Bristol Central constituency

The constituency is the top target for the Green Party in the upcoming general election, and in the 2024 Bristol City Council election all seven wards elected solely Green Party councillors.

With most council wards electing multiple councillors, we can calculate each party’s vote share across the constituency by considering either the votes cast for their leading candidate in each ward, or the average of the votes cast for all their candidates in each ward. Both methods give similar vote shares, with the Green Party receiving over half of all votes cast:

Party Leading candidates Average candidates
Green Party 14,965 57.7% 14,491 59.0%
Labour Party 7,785 30.0% 7,103 28.9%
Conservative Party 1,532 5.9% 1,482 6.0%
Liberal Democrats 1,454 5.6% 1,311 5.3%
TUSC 182 0.7% 182 0.7%