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Escape From Monkey Island: walk-through solution

Escape From Monkey Island, released by LucasArts in 2000, is the fourth game in the Monkey Island series. This walk-through solution will guide you through the complete game.

On this page

  1. Prelude
  2. Act I — Things to do on Mêlée Island™ When You’re Dead
  3. Act II — Enter the Manatee
  4. Act III — Escape from Monkey Island™
  5. Act III+ — Guybrush Kicks Unusually Large Butt


Watch the cutscene Been There, Done That.

Now you need to save your ship. Kick over the Brazier Full Of Hot Coals, then pick up a Hot Coal and kick it at the Loaded Cannon.

Watch the cutscene I Meant to Do That.

Act I — Things to do on Mêlée Island™ When You’re Dead

Watch the cutscene Home is Where you Squish your Hat.

You need to find out what’s going on, and stop the Mansion being destroyed. Talk to the Catapult Operator. Walk into Mêlée Town and enter the International House of Mojo on the right of the screen. Look at the Fingers on the Hand Shaped Table in the centre of the room until you find one Guybrush says looks slightly different from the others, and pull that Finger. The Voodoo Lady will appear where the mirror was. Talk to her. Exit the building and walk off the right of the screen.

Talk to the Familiar Looking Pirates. Walk off the right of the screen and enter the SCUMM Bar. Walk right to the raised level and look at the Balloon and Bowl Of Jerky Pretzels in the corner. Walk back to the lower level and talk to the Darts Players. Ask them to throw a dart at the Balloon, causing the pirate at that table to become unconscious. Go back to the raised level and pick up the Bowl Of Jerky Pretzels. Talk to the Crusty Sailor, and challenge him to a game of Insult Arm Wrestling. These are the insults and their comebacks:

Do I see quivers of agony dance on your lip?
It’s laughter that’s caused by your feathery grip.
Give up now, or I’ll crush you like a grape!
I would if it would stop your WINE-ING.
Hey, look over there!
Yeah, yeah, I know: it’s a three headed monkey.
I’m going to put your arm in a sling!
Why, are you studying to be a nurse?
I’ve got muscles in places you’ve never even heard of.
It’s too bad none of them are in your arms.
I’ve out-wrestled octopi with these arms!
I’m sure that spineless creatures everywhere are humbled by your might.
My forearms have been mistaken for tree trunks!
An over-the-counter defoliant could help with that problem.
My ninety-eight year old grandmother has bigger arms than you!
Yeah, but we've both got better bladder control than you do.
My stupefying strength will shatter your ulna into a million pieces!
I'm surprised you can count that high!
Only once have I met such a coward!
He must have taught you everything you know.
People consider my fists lethal weapons!
Sadly, your breath should be equally reckoned.
Today, by myself, twelve people I’ve beaten.
From the size of your gut, I’d guess they were eaten.
You’re the ugliest creature I’ve ever seen in my life.
Well I’m shocked that you never have gazed at your wife.
Your arms are no bigger than fleas I’ve met!
Oh… so THAT’S why you're scratching… I’d go see a vet.
Your knuckles I’ll grind to a splintery paste.
Ungh… I thought that the bean dip had a strange taste.

Once you beat him, he’ll agree to join your crew. Leave the SCUMM Bar, walk right and onto the map of Mêlée Island™. Walk to the Harbour in the bottom right. Pick up the Popped Inner Tube and talk to the Harbourmistress. Walk back onto the map and to the Governer’s Mansion in the top left. Put the Popped Inner Tube on the Funny-looking cactus making it into a giant slingshot. Offer the Bowl Of Jerky Pretzels to the Catapult Operator. When he goes for a snack break, tinker with the Catapult Controls.

Once the catapult is destroyed, enter the mansion. Pick up the Government Paper (the one on the cabinet, not the desk). Talk to Elaine and get the Mêlée Island™ Gubernatorial Symbol. Look at the Government Papers, then give them to Elaine so she can sign them. Go to Mêlée Town and show Carla the Government Papers. She and Otis will agree to join your crew. Go to the harbour and show the Harbourmistress the Gubernatorial Seal. You now have a boat and your crew will arrive.

Once on Lucre Island™, walk up the steps on the right of the screen. Pick up the Duck outside the Bait Shoppe. Walk left to screens and enter the Law Office Of WTD. Talk to the lawyers. Leave the Law Office Of WTD, and read Grandpa Marley’s Letter. Enter Lucre Bank. After Mr Mandrill has broken his walking stick in anger, talk to the Bank Teller and ask her to let you retrieve items in the Safe Deposit Box.

Watch the cutscene Guybrush Meets His Match.

Now you’re locked in the vault. Pick up the Old Sword, Handkerchief and the Small, Medium and Large Sea Sponges (the Small one is under the Handkerchief). Look in the Safe Deposit Box. Pick up the Music Box and Bottle Of Fine Grog. Use the Old Sword on the Bottom Hinge of the Vault Door. Use the Broken Sword with the Crack. Use the three Sea Sponges with the crack, and then pour the Bottle Of Fine Grog onto them.

Once in jail, talk to Inspector Canard. Pick up the Tin Of Chicken Grease by the Iron Maiden. Exit the Hall O’ Justice. Enter the House Of Sticks. After Mr Mandrill has left, talk to Freddie. Pick up the Wood Shavings where Mr Mandrill’s walking stick was. Exit the House Of Sticks. Walk to the Scents And Sensibilities stall and talk to Hugo. Before leaving, pick up a bottle of Cologne and an Empty Spritzer Bottle from the Pile Of Spritzers. Walk off the left of the screen, past Lucre Bank, and use the Broken Sword with the Manhole. Pick up the Manhole Cover and look at it. Remember the names on it — you’ll need them in a little while.

Walk left and enter the Palace O’ Prosthetics. Talk to Deadeye Dave. When you ask for a free experimental prosthesis, use the names on the Manhole Cover to complete his story, and you’ll get some Prosthetic Skin. Giving other names will get you all the other prosthetic organs, but you don’t need these — you can have some fun though by combining all the free prosthetics (except the skin). Play the Music Box for Deadeye Dave, then quickly go to the pink Basket Of Prosthetic Limbs and pick up the Wooden Prosthetic Hand. Exit the shop.

Use the Prosthetic Skin with the Manhole outside the bank, then jump on this trampoline to get inside the bank. Descend the Ladder to the lower level of the bank and pull the Pull-Chain. Pick up the ScupperWare on the table by the door. Ascend the Ladder, and look at the Funny Shadow on the wall to the left. After Inspector Canard has left the bank, exit through the Window.

Walk all the way right to the Bait Shoppe and enter it. Pick up some Free Bait and put it in the ScupperWare. Use the Wooden Prosthetic Hand with the Termite Circus. Talk to the shopkeeper, then leave.

Walk to the harbour, and then left until you get to the chess players. Talk to the Portly Chess Player. After finding out about the Skinny Chess Player’s love of Brittany, keep distracting the Portly Chess Player until he makes a move accidently. Then distract the Skinny Chess Player by talking about Brittany. When they start fighting, pick up the Clock. Walk up the steps and leave Lucre Town (there’s an exit between the bank and law offices).

Enter the Foreboding Mansion on the left of the map. Pick the Flower by the Scary Looking Fountain. Enter the Creepy Mansion. Talk to Ozzie Mandrill. When you challenge him to a sword fight you’ll lose. Enter the Mansion again and spray Cologne on one of the Stuffed Animals. Enter the Mystes O’ Tyme, and use the Empty Spritzer Bottle with the Puddle. Use the Flower and the Wood Shavings with the Home-made Perfume.

Go back to Lucre Town, go to the Bait Shoppe, pick up some Free Bait, and use it with the Home-made Perfume. Enter the House Of Sticks and use the Termite-infested Prosthetic Hand with Mr Mandrill’s Cane. Once Mr Mandrill has left, go to the Palace Of Prosthetics. Spray the Home-made Perfume on Deadeye Dave. Each wheel on the File Retrieval System corresponds to a different part of the name he tells you (left wheel = first name, middle wheel = initial, right wheel = surname). It may take a minute or two to find the correct file. Once you’ve got the Directions, note them down (you won’t want to keep accessing your inventory when you’re in the swamp).

Go to the Mystes O’ Tyme, and use the Clock with the Raft. To get to Pegnose Pete’s house, go in the direction corresponding to the time on the Clock. You’ll meet yourself during your journey through the swamp. Note down in what order you give yourself the items, what you say, and the number you choose, and when you meet yourself again do things in the same order, as otherwise you’ll cause a paradox later on. Use the Tin Of Chicken Grease on the Welcome Mat, and then use the Duck with the Window.

Watch the cutscene Good Times, Free Grog.

Leave the jail and go to Ozzie’s House. Tell him you know about Pegnose Pete’s Booty Showcase. When he leaves, follow the trail of sawdust. Enter the hidden passage behind the hill. Press the Button on the Table then leave. Dive into the Deep Water. Use the ScupperWare With Bait In It with the Bioluminescent Fish. Enter the secret door on the left. Pick up the Marley Family Heirlooms and the Itty-bitty Brass Screw. Go to Lucre Town, enter the Hall O’ Justice, and show Inspector Canard the Loot and the Itty-bitty Brass Screw.

Watch the cutscene Nobody Nose the Trouble I’ve Scene.

Watch the cutscene The Shocking Truth About Charles.

Act II — Enter the Manatee

Go to Mêlée Town and talk to the Voodoo Lady to get the Earrings, Necklace and Pen On Chain. Leave Mêlée Town and go to Meathook’s in the top right of the map. Talk to Meathook, and then pick up his old Paintbrush. Go to the harbour. Look in the Change Return Slot, and use the Quarter you find with the Grog Machine. Attack the Grog Machine repeatedly. Pick up a Can Of Grog.

Go to the LUA Bar (where the SCUMM Bar was). Sit down on a seat on the right, and then talk to the Waitress. Ask her for a Flaming Scuttlefish. Jam the Paintbrush in the Sushi Boat Propulsion Mechanism so that the Flaming Scuttlefish stops just below the picture (it usually has to be just a little past directly under it for the next bit to work). When the chef comes out, enter the Kitchen and use the Can Of Grog with the Sushi Boat Steam Generator.

Watch the cutscene Sushi + Flames = Fun.

Go to the harbour and use the Earring with the Figurehead on your ship. After she’s finished talking, give her the Necklace, Pen On Chain and Picture you got from the LUA Bar.

Once on Jambalaya Island™, go up the steps and talk to the Tourist by the Statue. Enter the Micro-groggery, talk to the Bartender and get some Grog Jr.™. Go back to where your ship is and use the Rowboat. Sail to Knuttin Atoll. You’ll be interrupted by Admiral Casaba, but you won’t get any useful information from him. After leaving him, carry on to Knuttin Atoll.

Once on Knuttin Atoll, go to the puppet stand and talk to Li’l LeChuck. Eventually you'll get to talk to Li’l Guybrush. Ask him if you can talk to the puppeteer. End the conversation and then show him the Blue Painting. Pick up the Li’l Guybrush & Li’l LeChuck puppets.

Walk to the Pirate Transmogrification Centre (on the right of the screen), and talk to the Nice Teacher Lady to enrol. When you have the final exam, give the worst answers, to get the Dunce Cap. Once outside, set of the Fire Alarm, then enter and take the Whistle from the box of confiscated items. Walk to the left of where you landed (you’ll have to run in front of the Life Preserver, otherwise trees get in your way). Talk to the Metabolically-challenged Pirate. Walk off the right of the screen.

Use the Whistle to call the parrots. Use the Wimpy Grog with one of the parrots. It will get drunk and start swaying. Ask one of the general knowledge questions to find out which is the truth-telling parrot. You can distinguish it from the other, even when they fly away, because one is swaying. Keep asking the truth telling parrot where the Bronze Hat is (you’ll need to keep using the Whistle), until you’re at the correct boulder. Use the Li’l Guybrush & Li’l LeChuck puppets.

Watch the cutscene Talk to the Hands.

Leave Knuttin Atoll and go back to Jambalaya Island. Go into the town centre. Look at the Empty Groggoccino Cup in the Starbuccaneer’s™ Window. Enter and pick up the Empty Groggoccino Cup. Talk to the Strange Lady. Look in her Shopping Bag, and pick up the Starbuccaneer’s™ Logo Mug. Pick up a Mini-Bagel from the counter and eat it. Give the Empty Groggoccino Cup to the Counter Clerk.

Leave the town centre, and go to Stan’s Time Share Emporium, on the right of the Jambalaya Island. Drink the Groggoccino before getting Stan to give you the time share pitch, so that you can stay awake and get Planet Threepwood coupon. Make sure you get a Time Share Brochure. Before leaving pick up the Jar Of Glue outside the Stan’s Time Share Emporium.

Go back to the town centre, enter the Micro-groggery, use the Jar Of Glue with the Manatee ride, and ask the Bartender if you can have a go at it. Leave the Micro-groggery and enter Planet Threepwood (you might like to talk to Murray, for old times’ sake). Look at the Menu, then talk to the Waitress and order a meal. Talk to the Jolly Pirate, and get him to do a caricature of you and the Monkey Mug. Use the Jar Of Glue with the Monkey Mug Caricature, and then use that with the Starbuccaneer’s™ Logo Mug, and use this with the Monkey Mug.

Leave the town centre and go to the Tall Rock. Talk to Marco de Pollo. Use the Juicy Wad Of Chewed Up Bagel Chunks And Schmear Whiz™ with the Baby Seal Oil. Walk left and talk to the Judges to get the Diving Certificate. Tell Marco de Pollo you want to dive against him. After diving, talk to the Grouchy Judge. Look at the Time Share Brochure — it’s a picture of the Grouchy Judge with the blonde Planet Threepwood Waitress who cannot be his red-headed wife. Show it to the Grouchy Judge and he’ll agree to give you a fair competition. Talk to the Wise Old Judge. He’ll say you need to be more aerodynamic (he means hydrodynamic). Talk to the Hippie Judge, he’ll tell you what direction to move (key to press) for each of the four diving positions.

Put the Dunce Cap on, and then challenge Marco de Pollo again. Use the keys to do the same dive as him (the Judges will announce his dive). When it goes to the tie break, he’ll lose regardless of what you do.

Watch the cutscene Spin Control.

Watch the cutscene Guynapped!.

Act III — Escape from Monkey Island™

Walk away from the Beach and to the Cluttered Clearing. Pick up the Coconut by the Shack. Hike to the Canyon, and pick up the Banana Picker by the cactus. Go back to the Beach, and use the Banana Picker multiple times until you have the whole Bunch Of Bananas. Offer a Banana to Timmy, and then go back to the Canyon. Give him another Banana and go into the Mine Shaft. Open the vent, use a Banana with it to get Timmy to go in, then close the Vent. Use a Banana with the Portal. Walk down the Tube, and use the Banana Picker with the Weed Whipper stuck in the Strange Machinery.

Leave the Canyon and hike up Vista Point. The next part requires good timing, so you may need to try it more than once. Pick up a Rock and throw it at the Canal In The Right Side Of The Cliff. Pick up another Rock. When the first Rock makes a branch twitch, throw the second Rock at the Canal In The Middle Of The Cliff. Pick up another Rock. When the second Rock makes a branch twitch, throw the third Rock at the Canal In The Left Side Of The Cliff. Pick up another Rock. When the third Rock makes a branch twitch, throw the fourth Rock at the Canal In The Left Side Of The Cliff. After many bounces, a Rock should go down the middle tube at the bottom and land in the Lava Field (otherwise it will land in the Canyon or on the Beach).

Go to the Volcana Castle and enter. Use the Banana Picker on the Shields above the door. Talk to Father Allegro Rasputin, and get him to let you test the Matrimonial Lava Plunge. Use the Banana Picker on the Milk Bottle as you sail past (every time you hit a log, it moves out of the way, and you bounce back and take the other path). Steer in to the pool of lava. Use the Weed Whipper on the Patch Of Weeds.

Walk over the Bridge to the right and enter the Village at the top of the map (if you accidentally meet any Monkeys when going though the jungle, just press O and you should be able to pass them). Talk to JoJo Jr., and learn about Monkey Kombat. Use the Shields near the Musically Inclined Monkey, and he’ll drop the Accordion.

Pick up the Accordion. Go back to the Lava Field and kick over the Lone Palm Tree. Walk over it and go to Herman. Throw the Coconut at him. Then throw the Milk Bottle at him. Finally, throw the Accordion at him.

Watch the cutscene The Confession of H.T. Marley.

Talk to H.T. Marley, and get another Gubernatorial Seal from him.

Watch the cutscene Hide and Go Stink.

You’ll now need to learn Monkey Kombat. This is different every time you play the game, so I can’t help you here. Once you’ve beaten the four types of Monkey in the Jungle (Timid first, then Smelly, then Strapping, then Brawny), you should know all the transition moves and what beats what, so you can challenge JoJo Jr., beat him and get the Bronze Hat.

Go to the Giant Monkey Head. Use the Bronze Hat with the Monkey Head. Use the Banana Picker with the Monkey Nose. Enter the Monkey Head, and use the Gubernatorial Seal with the Prominent Slot to the left of the Ship’s Wheel.

Watch the cutscene The REAL Secret of Monkey Island.

Act III+ — Guybrush Kicks Unusually Large Butt

Pick up the Really Big Plank, and use it with the Short Tower. Climb the Short Tower and jump on the Really Big Plank. Pull the Excessively Large Switch.

Watch the cutscene The Ultimate Insult.

Once the Ultimate Comeback has defeated the Ultimate Insult, you’ll have to play LeChuck at Monkey Kombat. There’s no way to beat him, but remember what Monkeys do when you keep making the same moves as them: copy LeChuck’s moves three times.

Watch the cutscene The Ultimate Comeback.